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Jan 01 , 2020 / By :

Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Lennie Gallant has captured our hearts with 13 albums over the last three decades and has collected numerous awards and accolades along the way. Recently, he was awarded the Order of Canada. Golden Nuggets: Find out who in his family with “a big heart for the underdog” inspires him to this day and how that shows up in his more socially conscious songs. One of Lennie’s albums orbited the earth. Seriously! Find out which one and why. His advice to budding musicians is to be true to yourself. Write what you know. Take in as much creativity […]

Nov 06 , 2019 / By :

Brenda Saunders/Todd is the CEO of Dress for Success Halifax, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic independence for all women. Brenda has committed her life and career to advancing women in our society. She was recently appointed to the Dress for Success International board of directors that includes power women such as the Editor-in-Chief from the Oprah Magazine and a senior VP from Walmart. Smart, kind, generous and a natural leader, here is some insight from our conversation. Golden Nuggets: Innovator behind Halifax’s The Social Boutique, Find out how she made this “economic engine” come to life. An […]

Oct 23 , 2019 / By :

Guess who I got to interview? Custio!!!! Yup.  The undefeated welterweight boxing champion Custio Clayton who represented his home community of North Preston, Nova Scotia and Canada on the world stage in the 2012 Olympic Games. Humble, gracious and sweet. (Make no mistake though he can knock you out in seconds, he has 11 knockout wins under his belt). Check out my conversation with him to gain some insight from a champion. Golden Nuggets: “Do it because YOU want it.” “No matter where you come from, if it’s something you want you have to be your biggest supporter.” Find out […]

Oct 02 , 2019 / By :

Jennifer Gillivan is the celebrated President & CEO of the IWK Foundation. Since 2012 she has driven unprecedented results for the organization. She is also so much more. She is a respected leader in Canada, a community builder and a champion of women and children. Smart, kind, humble, innovative and  funny (humour style coming from her Irish roots! 😉). Jennifer you are one of a kind and I thank you for this conversation. Golden Nuggets: What’s your Uber? Find out what she has to say about innovation. Ambition isn’t tied to a title. Find out which award was significant to […]

Sep 18 , 2019 / By :

In the blink of an eye, an air strike blew up Tareq Hadhad’s idyllic life in Damascus. He and his family lost everything. Forced into the role of refugee he refused to be a victim and always looked at what he could do or contribute in the moment for a better tomorrow. Articulate, incredibly bright and always a source of inspiration he sits down with me to discuss his journey to Antigonish, Nova Scotia and beyond. Golden Nuggets: “The feeling of fulfillment is way more important than what others expect of you.” Tune in to find out what book that’s […]

Sep 04 , 2019 / By :

You may not know her name but chances are you’ve see her work. Brittany Pickrem is THE branding expert. Locally she’s worked on brands like the a International Jazz Festival and the IWK Children’s Hospital . Globally she’s worked with Lionsgate Entertainment and on The Wendy Williams tv show. She talks to me today about the do’s and don’ts of branding. Golden Nuggets: Your brand = your sales force. Your brand is how you show up to the world. Good branding will repel certain people, those that are not your customer base. Listen to find out all of Brittany’s key […]

Aug 21 , 2019 / By :

John Wesley Chisholm’s company, Arcadia Content has produced hundreds of hours of television worldwide, including the beautiful gift of a show, Hope for Wildlife. He shares film industry insight; what most budding filmmakers get wrong when seeking funding; and the four crucial elements he looks for in a story. Golden Nuggets: Change creates opportunities in life. Stories have to intuitively make sense to people. Success increases the responsibility towards the front line of those who are struggling and to address the problems of the day. Provide a solution to someone’s problem and you never have to “sell” anything. Subscribe: Apple […]

Aug 07 , 2019 / By :

 Saeed El Darahali arrived in Canada with his family at the tender age of 12 and he didn’t speak any English. At 14, he became a first time entrepreneur selling cotton candy. By 17 he enlisted in the military to give back to his country. Today he is a globally recognized top tech CEO. His company SimplyCast, is one of the world’s first multi-channel marketing platforms, helping companies efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers. He was recently congratulated by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary. Don’t miss this conversation […]

Jul 24 , 2019 / By :

 Listen up! Especially all ambitious, driven women out there who are living with purpose and who desire to create a positive impact. Eleanor Beaton is this week’s podcast guest and you don’t want to miss it. She is an internationally recognized women’s leadership and business coach, a sought after keynote speaker and all around rock star! Below are some highlights. Golden Nuggets: It’s normal to have anxieties or doubts when going for a goal that’s beyond your comfort zone. Eleanor describes it as “fighting inertia” and navigating it on a daily basis. It can also be especially insidious for […]