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Jun 17 , 2020 / By :

In 2016, the Huffington Post named Nova Scotia’s Tyler Simmonds one of the “10 inspirational people under 30 you should be following on Twitter.” An artist and advocate, he is using his voice and talents to create a safe space to discuss mental illness, he encourages vulnerability and how that can be a source of healing and power. His message is resonating. His first short film, In My Mind is award-winning. In 2019 he was awarded the JRG Society for the Arts Award to develop his documentary There’s Soul in Our Soil—exploring the link between mental health with systematic and […]

Jun 04 , 2020 / By :

I have so much respect for Lisa Drader-Murphy not just as an international fashion designer but also as a savvy businesswoman with an inspiring work ethic. Tune in to this episode of Beyond Our Borders to find out how she has pivoted during our global crisis. We cover everything from when she first started to much needed hair cuts! Highlights: “Part of being a successful entrepreneur is that you’re always learning from mistakes.” A supply of high-end vintage wool she stumbled upon in an employer’s warehouse set in motion what would become a fashion empire. Her company is completely vertical […]

May 20 , 2020 / By :

I couldn’t stop giggling in this interview! One of my absolute favorite conversations with the very funny and talented comedian Trent McClellan. One of the stars of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, not only is he funny he is also incredibly gracious, kind and down-to-earth. Trent talked about his early days and how he had to “develop a sense of resilience”—if you are an artist or creative his words will resonate. Highlights: Trent was a writer for 22 Mins before becoming a cast member. Tune in to find out his response to my questions—“why are Newfoundlanders so so funny” […]

May 06 , 2020 / By :

About 25 years ago, the injury, rehabilitation and release of an injured robin set in motion what would eventually become a beloved global television series and—one woman’s mission to reconnect humans to their natural world. I’m talking about the inimitable Hope Swinimer and the critters in the global television series Hope for Wildlife that have captured our hearts. Currently in it’s 10th season, the series documents the rehabilitation and release of thousands of injured or orphaned wild animals. A charitable organization, they are conducting their first-ever online 50/50 fundraiser. Today (May 6th) is the last day to participate and the […]

Apr 08 , 2020 / By :

She is the first female gymnast from Nova Scotia to go to the Olympics. She’s been described as a “superstar in the world of gymnastics,” and “Canada’s top gymnast.” Of course I am talking about Ellie Black. After the 2016 Olympics in Rio she ranked 5th in the world and became the most decorated Canadian female gymnast after the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru. Then she seriously injured her ankle. I sat down with her (virtually) and had an inspiring conversation. She is a strong and powerful athlete physically-that is obvious but what struck me most is how […]

Mar 13 , 2020 / By :

Listen up! Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Do you already have one? Or, do you just like listening them? My guests in this episode of Beyond Our Borders are the funny and dynamic Rhy Waters and Jonathan Burns. Digital serendipity brought them together and they have joined forces to take the podcasting world by storm. Podstarter is their podcast—about podcasts. They can also help you in any stage of podcasting ( They are content kings. Their combined work has been seen or heard by millions of people around the world. Rhys is a BAFTA award-winner who’s worked […]

Feb 27 , 2020 / By :

What are you most grateful for? That is the question that award-winning journalist and author Janice Landry poses in her latest book, Silver Linings: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth through Adversity. 15 inspiring Canadians across five provinces tell their personal stories of gratitude through tragedy, pain, loss, and trauma. Two highly distinguished guests from the United States including the leading world expert on the study of gratitude also answer this question. All of their answers will surprise and inspire you. I’ve long admired Janice for her impassioned reporting as a television journalist and her advocacy work on behalf of […]

Feb 12 , 2020 / By :

I first met film and television producer, Karen Wentzell when she spoke on a Women in Film & Television (WIFT-Atlantic) panel. I was struck by her poise, insight and generosity in sharing her knowledge. She is behind such critically acclaimed hits as the comedy series Seed, the history-making CBC series Diggstown and of course the show that changed the landscape of Canadian television—Trailer Park Boys. Golden Nuggets: Understand you are in the room for a reason. You have a voice. Use it. Be heard. “Hearing a good story is like taking a drug.” “No one wants to see you fail.” […]

Jan 29 , 2020 / By :

Tom Ryan is taking the literary world by storm in the young adult fiction genre. His first novel Way to Go, was chosen as one of the most important works in the history of Nova Scotia. Born and raised in Cape Breton he still considers NS the perfect place to live and spends a few months there every year. Authentic, insightful and talented and so so inspiring -I loved this conversation! Golden Nuggets: His biggest challenge in life was “gaining the confidence to make the decision to leap into becoming a full time creative professional.” -Who can’t relate to this?? […]

Jan 15 , 2020 / By :

I had a great conversation with Leadership Coach, Andrea Janzen. She is authentic, honest, insightful and at times refreshingly raw about her own vulnerability and the universal fear zone of “imposter syndrome”. She has developed tools and strategies to take you from fear and inertia to writing down your goals and checking them off as you achieve them. With her work (with both men and women) she is on a mission to close the gender gap in the workplace. Her Diversity at Work podcast is a series of interviews and informative episodes about promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. […]