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Tanya with Laura Simpson
Nov 04 , 2018 / By :

What I love about Laura Simpson is her love of artists and how she is changing the way society values them. She has managed to merge business, music, and technology and continues to bring live entertainment to our very own backyards. She is the CEO and co-founder (along with artist Dan Mangan) of Side Door, a Canadian startup with the mission to create greater value and opportunities for performing artists by facilitating shows in houses and other alternative venues. The online platform matches artists and hosts based on preferences, then books and tickets shows. Laura also founded The Syrup Factory, […]

Tanya with Rebekah Higgs
Oct 03 , 2018 / By :

I had so much fun with Rebekah Higgs, the DIY Mom! I admire her drive and determination to make things happen and it’s worth taking notes from. She is the YouTube DIY Mom and Bell TV series personality showing us how to pick up a hammer or drill and execute projects on a single parent budget. She showed me how to make a coffee table from scratch. Seriously! I may not have become totally handy but she definitely has empowered me to know that I can do it if I want to and that it’s not as scary as you […]

Tanya with Menna Riley
Sep 24 , 2018 / By :

Menna Riley is a boss lady! She is an award-winning event management and networking expert and I’m so grateful we crossed paths. She is a true champion of others and their business journeys, I will get random messages from her with ideas on how to grow my business. She is a true gem! Menna inspires me to get out there and slay as an entrepreneur! She’s going on 20 years as a business boss and has collected awards and nominations along the way. She continues to grow and expand with innovative tools, programs and services for clients. One of the […]

Tanya with Nicole Myles Brook
Sep 12 , 2018 / By :

Nicole Myles Brook is one the first entrepreneurs I connected with when I began my own entrepreneurial journey. She is wise beyond her years and is always willing to give advice and guidance. Nicole’s focus and stamina is awe-inspiring as she runs four companies! Shooting this interview was also the most fun I’ve had shooting any interview, Nicole has such a wicked sense of humor, fun and creativity! There was a lot of in between takes shenanigan fun. My favorite nugget of wisdom from Nicole is that the business journey isn’t a clear and straight path-you have to always be prepared […]

Tanya with Eleanor Beaton
Aug 30 , 2018 / By :

Entrepreneur and North America’s top women’s leadership coach Eleanor is a force of nature. If you haven’t heard of her, you will soon enough. She is an award-winning women’s leadership coach who advises on power, presence and promotion. I admire her for uplifting and supporting women. What stood out for me from our conversation hit me straight in the heart, she said that if you’re experiencing doubts or insecurities that you should know that you’re on the right track because you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I’ve been out of my comfort zone for the past 2 years, […]

Tanya with Saeed El Darahali, CEO of SimplyCast
Jul 23 , 2018 / By :

Saeed El-Darahali is changing the business landscape in my home province of Nova Scotia. His company, SimplyCast is a complete engagement automation platform. Yes, he of course is making an impact in all the conventional ways of entrepreneurship-creating jobs, engaging youth, growing the tech industry, keeping workers in the province and contributing to the economy. What I find most fascinating with Saeed is his unconventional approach to leadership. Saeed possesses all the traits of a great leader but I am also struck by his humility. (Note-in the book Good To Great, author Jim Collins describes the most successful leaders as […]