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Jul 02 , 2020 / By :

I am frequently asked by clients how they can be featured in publications. The answer is complicated yet simple. Here’s the deal: The online world has changed public relations….to a degree. The fundamentals of creating impactful and relevant content has NEVER changed. However, you do need to understand traditional PR vs digital PR and integrate both into your marketing strategy. When I graduated with my public relations degree the press release was king and print, radio and TV were how you got the world talking about your organization. No, it wasn’t THAT long ago! 😉 While the print world has […]

Jun 26 , 2020 / By :

Ok don’t laugh. The following post was inspired by my sourdough starter! And what it taught me about building a brand. Bear with me. Like so many others during lockdown I decided I was going to try something I kept putting off—bake sourdough bread. The trick though is that you need something called a sourdough starter. True sourdough starters are made with only water and flour. Once you get this going you’re gold. Seems simple, right? Nope. At one point I had gone through a 10lb bag of flour and I kept messing up the starter. (Yes, I did feel […]

Jun 22 , 2020 / By :

Earlier in the pandemic I went to the drive thru at Tim Horton’s. I remember saying to the employee at the window, “I came here today just to have some sense of ‘normal’ again.” She stopped dead in her tracks and I could see her eyes getting glossy from fighting back tears. She understood what I meant. Not only is Tim Horton’s quintessentially Canadian and familiar, what I was truly craving was connection. Isolation has been hard, even for an introvert like me! (yes I am, for realz) As I drove away that day with my dark roast (black), the […]

Jun 21 , 2020 / By :

Interestingly, one of the things I get asked to do a lot is to write website bios. I hear common things like, “I don’t know what to say”, “I don’t think I’m interesting”, or “What should I say?” If this sounds familiar, don’t fret you are definitely not alone. Now, I don’t know about you but the first thing I do when I’m about to give my money to someone for a service or collaborate with them on a project—I read their bio. I want to know who I’m considering working with or contracting. Conveying who you are and what […]

Jun 20 , 2020 / By :

I have seen a lot of misunderstanding about the meaning and relevance of public relations. PR is not a buzz word, it’s a lifeline for your business—especially during COVID-19. PR gets a bad reputation but I’m here to tell you that the function is vital for your organization. Public relations is about building relationships. Connection and consistent communication is how to build your brand and credibility. PR is different than marketing. Marketing is ultimately about selling. PR is about relationship management. That is, the relationship between you and your internal/external audiences: (potential) clients; stakeholders; investors; and the media. Are you communicating […]