About Tanya

Tanya Chedrawy is the Founder & Ceo of Tanya Media. An Atlantic Canadian company that uses the power of story to authentically connect organizations and individuals to their audiences and establish themselves in a category of one. In this digital age it’s easy to get lost in the noise but the most successful companies are the ones who cultivate a strategic storytelling practice. Tanya spent the first part of her career at the Parks Canada Agency, positioning the brand through various outreach initiatives domestically and abroad. From there she went on to achieve a Master in Public Administration at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.

Around this time Tanya decided to pursue an idea that had been nagging at her heart. This journey eventually led to a table, two chairs and a conversation and she hasn’t looked back. Tanya is the producer and host of Eastlink Community TV’s Small Talk Big Ideas, the show is a series of conversations with innovators and thought leaders who are creating positive change within and beyond Nova Scotia’s borders. Tanya has interviewed politicians, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and volunteers. Currently she is in pre-production of Season 4. Inspired by this platform, Tanya Media was born. Building on the success and storytelling of Small Talk Big Ideas Tanya Media will continue to reach broader audiences.

Storytelling is not new to Tanya. Her creative journey has been a lifetime in the making through acting, dancing and the written word. She is no stranger to TV, film and theatre. She’s worked on the TV series Haven (Showcase), independent and short film projects and performed on stage at the Rebecca Cohn in the Brookes Diamond hit musical DRUM! She recently portrayed “Heidi” in season 7 of CBC’s Mr. D.

Tanya Chedrawy