PR is Not Buzz, It’s Your Lifeline (especially right now)

PR is Not Buzz, It’s Your Lifeline (especially right now)

Jun 20, 2020 / By : / Category : Brand Building

I have seen a lot of misunderstanding about the meaning and relevance of public relations.

PR is not a buzz word, it’s a lifeline for your business—especially during COVID-19. PR gets a bad reputation but I’m here to tell you that the function is vital for your organization.

Public relations is about building relationships. Connection and consistent communication is how to build your brand and credibility.

PR is different than marketing. Marketing is ultimately about selling. PR is about relationship management. That is, the relationship between you and your internal/external audiences: (potential) clients; stakeholders; investors; and the media.

Are you communicating with your audiences during COVID-19? PR professionals have a suite of tactical tools in their arsenal but you can be doing your own subtle PR right now.

Here’s what you can be doing:

  • Reach out to your clients to see how they’re coping.
  • Ask how COVID-19 is impacting them. Perhaps you can adjust your service offer or provide a discount to help.
  • Extend a thank you to your customers and let them know that you value their loyalty and business.
  • Communicate consistently to let stakeholders know how you and your organization are dealing with this crisis.

Social media has blurred the line between marketing and PR but the fundamental theories behind each function remain the same. This is a tricky dance and a post for another day.

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