Lisa Drader-Murphy – Fashion Designer

Lisa Drader-Murphy – Fashion Designer

Jun 04, 2020 / By : / Category : Conversations, Podcasts

I have so much respect for Lisa Drader-Murphy not just as an international fashion designer but also as a savvy businesswoman with an inspiring work ethic. Tune in to this episode of Beyond Our Borders to find out how she has pivoted during our global crisis. We cover everything from when she first started to much needed hair cuts!


  • “Part of being a successful entrepreneur is that you’re always learning from mistakes.”
  • A supply of high-end vintage wool she stumbled upon in an employer’s warehouse set in motion what would become a fashion empire.
  • Her company is completely vertical and is why she and her team were able to act fast once we were hit with lock down. In fact, it took 24 HOURS to reconfigure their production line.
  • Did you know that Lisa and her fashion company are taught in universities for exploring sustainability (long) before it was the trend to do so?
  • Find out how she handled getting criticism for making masks.
  • Listen to find out her advice to budding fashion designers and why this advice has never changed.

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Producers: Tanya Chedrawy & Michael Boyd
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Guest: Lisa Drader-Murphy – Fashion Designer

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