Rhy Waters and Jonathan Burns – Podstarter

Rhy Waters and Jonathan Burns – Podstarter

Mar 13, 2020 / By : / Category : Podcasts

Listen up! Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Do you already have one? Or, do you just like listening them? My guests in this episode of Beyond Our Borders are the funny and dynamic Rhy Waters and Jonathan Burns. Digital serendipity brought them together and they have joined forces to take the podcasting world by storm. Podstarter is their podcast—about podcasts. They can also help you in any stage of podcasting (podstarter.io).

They are content kings. Their combined work has been seen or heard by millions of people around the world. Rhys is a BAFTA award-winner who’s worked with the BBC and other global brands such as NBC Universal and Aston Martin. Jonathon has worked with Lego, Disney and the NBA.

For them, it’s so much more than setting up your podcast. They help you to develop your marketing strategy in order to reach and build your audience.

I absolutely loved this conversation. You will too. (and you don’t have to be a content producer or podcasting nerd like us! )

Golden Nuggets:

  • Tune in to find out what comprises a successful podcast. You might be surprised by their answers.
  • Passion and authenticity are fundamentally important to podcasting.
  • Listen to find out why Rhys calls podcasting “a secret weapon.”
  • Good content doesn’t necessarily mean you will find an audience.
  • You have to market in a saturated space or you won’t be found.
  • Even if you have 5,000 downloads an episode doesn’t mean you can quit your day job. Find out more about the road to monetization.
  • Finding an audience is a “partnership between a good marketing exercise and good content.” –Jonathan Burns
  • Leverage your “micro-content” to lead people to your podcast.
  • So much more.

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Guest: Rhy Waters and Jonathan Burns – Podstarter

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