Karen Wentzell – Filmmaker

Karen Wentzell – Filmmaker

Feb 12, 2020 / By : / Category : Podcasts

I first met film and television producer, Karen Wentzell when she spoke on a Women in Film & Television (WIFT-Atlantic) panel. I was struck by her poise, insight and generosity in sharing her knowledge. She is behind such critically acclaimed hits as the comedy series Seed, the history-making CBC series Diggstown and of course the show that changed the landscape of Canadian television—Trailer Park Boys.

Golden Nuggets:

  • Understand you are in the room for a reason. You have a voice. Use it. Be heard.
  • “Hearing a good story is like taking a drug.”
  • “No one wants to see you fail.”
  • “Our film crews here are among the best in the world.”
  • Tune in to find out what she had to say about working on the groundbreaking series, Trailer Park Boys.
  • Find out about a little known (and very cool!) surfing story that has been uncovered as a result of the work on Diggstown.

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