Tareq Hadhad, Peace by Chocolate

Tareq Hadhad, Peace by Chocolate

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In the blink of an eye, an air strike blew up Tareq Hadhad’s idyllic life in Damascus. He and his family lost everything. Forced into the role of refugee he refused to be a victim and always looked at what he could do or contribute in the moment for a better tomorrow. Articulate, incredibly bright and always a source of inspiration he sits down with me to discuss his journey to Antigonish, Nova Scotia and beyond.

Golden Nuggets:

  • “The feeling of fulfillment is way more important than what others expect of you.”
  • Tune in to find out what book that’s available on Amazon he was a contributing author to.
  • His father, a civil engineer by education built in 1986 what became the second biggest chocolate factory in Syria. It was destroyed in the war but their spirit wasn’t.
  • In Antigonish they decided to continue the legacy with Peace by Chocolate, they began selling at the farmers market. After all, his father always said that this sweet treat brings happiness and connection. Now an internationally recognized brand.

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Guest: Tareq Hadhad, Peace by Chocolate

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