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John Wesley Chisholm’s company, Arcadia Content has produced hundreds of hours of television worldwide, including the beautiful gift of a show, Hope for Wildlife. He shares film industry insight; what most budding filmmakers get wrong when seeking funding; and the four crucial elements he looks for in a story. Golden Nuggets: Change creates opportunities in life. Stories have to intuitively make sense to people. Success increases the responsibility towards the front line of those who are struggling and to address the problems of the day. Provide a solution to someone’s problem and you never have to “sell” anything. Subscribe: Apple […]

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 Saeed El Darahali arrived in Canada with his family at the tender age of 12 and he didn’t speak any English. At 14, he became a first time entrepreneur selling cotton candy. By 17 he enlisted in the military to give back to his country. Today he is a globally recognized top tech CEO. His company SimplyCast, is one of the world’s first multi-channel marketing platforms, helping companies efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers. He was recently congratulated by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary. Don’t miss this conversation […]