Archive Month: September 2018
Tanya with Menna Riley
Sep 24 , 2018 / By :

Menna Riley is a boss lady! She is an award-winning event management and networking expert and I’m so grateful we crossed paths. She is a true champion of others and their business journeys, I will get random messages from her with ideas on how to grow my business. She is a true gem! Menna inspires me to get out there and slay as an entrepreneur! She’s going on 20 years as a business boss and has collected awards and nominations along the way. She continues to grow and expand with innovative tools, programs and services for clients. One of the […]

Tanya with Nicole Myles Brook
Sep 12 , 2018 / By :

Nicole Myles Brook is one the first entrepreneurs I connected with when I began my own entrepreneurial journey. She is wise beyond her years and is always willing to give advice and guidance. Nicole’s focus and stamina is awe-inspiring as she runs four companies! Shooting this interview was also the most fun I’ve had shooting any interview, Nicole has such a wicked sense of humor, fun and creativity! There was a lot of in between takes shenanigan fun. My favorite nugget of wisdom from Nicole is that the business journey isn’t a clear and straight path-you have to always be prepared […]