Tanya with Saeed El Darahali, CEO of SimplyCast

“Tanya is a dynamic and engaging TV host that I had the pleasure to be interviewed by in 2017. Tanya’s show is very inspiring and original. She asks her questions from the heart with passion, and it is obvious she cares about the audience. Her interest in entrepreneurship is focused on helping others and increasing the knowledge transfer in the local community; it is an honorable cause that will benefit many as we all need to think about our province and our people. If you get a call from Tanya, take it and let’s spread knowledge on her show. Tanya is going places and I am honored to have been part of her successful journey.”

—Saeed El Darahali, CEO, SimplyCast

“Tanya has been an absolute blessing to work with in many professional capacities. She is impressively competent in what she does and knows exactly the right questions to ask in order to have your message clearly articulated—whatever that might be. She conducted my very first interview on television and made a very stressful situation for me, a breeze. She continues to impress me with her very diverse skill sets especially when it comes ‘web presence’ in general. From website content, social media, or television; Tanya has you covered. I will continue to recommend her to all and any of my business affiliates.”

—Ashley Innocente, Vice President, Titan Security & Investigation Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tanya for many years. I have watched her evolve from an earnest student to a a passionate, dedicated and highly effective professional. Her interpersonal skills are exemplary. She is a consummate team player, a diligent manager, and a gracious leader. She has an intellectual curiosity for creative concepts, an adept capacity to translate them into applicable strategies, and a responsive accountability for stewarding them through to implementation.”

—Karen Jans, Field Unit Superintendent at Parks Canada, Prince Edward Island