Menna Riley

Menna Riley

Sep 24, 2018 / By : / Category : Conversations

Tanya with Menna Riley

Menna Riley is a boss lady! She is an award-winning event management and networking expert and I’m so grateful we crossed paths. She is a true champion of others and their business journeys, I will get random messages from her with ideas on how to grow my business. She is a true gem! Menna inspires me to get out there and slay as an entrepreneur! She’s going on 20 years as a business boss and has collected awards and nominations along the way. She continues to grow and expand with innovative tools, programs and services for clients.

One of the things that stood out in our conversation is that being an entrepreneur essentially becomes part of your DNA. This is key because things will go wrong, issues will arise on the daily that require problem-solving and RESILIENCE-the ability to keep forging ahead is what will make you successful.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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