Nicole Myles Brook

Nicole Myles Brook

Sep 12, 2018 / By : / Category : Conversations

Tanya with Nicole Myles Brook

Nicole Myles Brook is one the first entrepreneurs I connected with when I began my own entrepreneurial journey. She is wise beyond her years and is always willing to give advice and guidance. Nicole’s focus and stamina is awe-inspiring as she runs four companies! Shooting this interview was also the most fun I’ve had shooting any interview, Nicole has such a wicked sense of humor, fun and creativity! There was a lot of in between takes shenanigan fun. My favorite nugget of wisdom from Nicole is that the business journey isn’t a clear and straight path-you have to always be prepared for anything and everything and to take the opportunities that present themselves that you may not have necessarily previously considered.

She and her husband own the two locations of The Nook Café in Halifax, NS. The Nook’s Token Program has been applauded for its efforts to combat hunger and help those in need. When they initially moved into the community they saw people were going hungry and that there was food insecurity. After careful study and partnering with other organizations, their token program was born. She is a shining example of how to leverage your business to help others. I can’t wait to see how Nicole will continue to grown and shine.


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